The WISEdash Local Consortium is governed by the school districts that are active members in the consortium. The membership elects an Operations Board, and CESA 12 serves as the fiscal agency for the project. Please see the Governance Document for more information about how the consortium is governed. 

Read more about our governance:
WISEdash Local Governance Agreement

Operations Board Members page

Consortium board meetings, annual meetings, and other public events will be posted to the website calendar. If you’d like to be sent an agenda, join a member event, or be added to a future email list, please email:

WISEdash Local enhancements, announcements, training opportunities, and other news will be shared internally via an email list and members-only calendar that is shared with members only. 

Public announcements are made on our website. However, if you have a question, please feel free to request a session or email us anytime: or call us at (608) 572-3269 – we won’t subscribe you to any email list when you reach out.