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“Our attendance is up by 1.6% which is a significant jump for a high school. Typically, if you can grow by one percentage point in a year that is pretty significant. For us to see almost a two percent increase … that’s huge. The reports in WISEdash Local help us narrow the focus so we can identify kids in a matter of seconds.”

WISEdash Local isn’t just a product; it’s a consortium of innovative school districts. The consortium works together to create a single location for all of your school and student data by running on the premier Hoonuit product. Data from your student information system, statewide assessments, and district local assessments integrate onto WISEdash Local dashboards. Our next-day data provides a daily comparison to visualize your progress toward school-wide initiatives and your progress toward district goals. WISEdash Local provides several modules and dashboards standard and comprehensive right out-of- the-box, so there is often no need to create custom content for each member district.  

Equity Cohorts 2020-2021: Begin Connecting in December!

Get connected to WDL, prepare your local experts, and prepare your local Equity plan with our team’s support. Get connected to the technology beginning at just $2.00 per student on the WDLite version that includes the Equity, College Career Ready, and District/School detail pages. Launch the full version at $3.50 per student. Book a Session to Learn More!

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College & Career Ready Dashboards Launched!

Get the latest College and Career Ready reports, updated nightly, on your WISEdash Local dashboards. Incorporating both custom and Redefining Ready standards, have everything you need for district planning, reporting, and improvement. Break out each report by student login, student data wall or district/school performance metrics.

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Equity Dashboards Are Up and Ready!

The Equity dashboards are out- of-the-box ready and complete with sets of instructions and details on each metric. The matching Data Inquiry Journal includes examples to allow your team to focus on action plan development and district improvement monitoring. WISEdash Local offers a comprehensive set of Equity dashboards designed to propel your district through the data collection faster. With our set

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WISEdash Local offers WDLite!

WISEdash Local now offers two levels of service to ensure that districts at all levels of data readiness are able to access local, visualized data that is most effective and usable. WISEdash Local differs from the Department of Public Instruction’s WISEdash for Districts in that WISEdash local is district designed, offers a Response to Intervention module, and embeds Power BI

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