Membership & Rates

WISEdash Local pools financial and staff resources to provide a comprehensive data warehouse and dashboard system to districts across Wisconsin. By pooling resources, WISEdash Local is able to maintain, and even lower costs annually.

WDL Full Member

Full service dashboard & data warehouse. This offers the most flexible, customizable, & connected option.

WDL Full Member

Small districts $3.50/student
— $0 Implementation Fee

Large District Membership

$2.50/student +$5,000 base fee — $0 Implementation Fee

WDL Planning Member​

The full planning membership fee rolls into and applies to your next, full membership year- up to 12 months available.

WDL Planning Member​

All Districts $1.00/student with a max of $5,000 per district for up to a maximum of 12 planning months.


Gain access to up to 3 advanced features: including Equity or College Career Ready. Cohort districts can use this option to streamline data usage.


All districts $2.00/student
– $4,000 Implementation Fee